Du Zhenqing, the actor playing the title role, said this play

  has been the biggest challenge in his over-40-year acting career. “I need to ful ly grasp the Greek co-actors’ lines to keep the plot flowing. The director is very cre ative and actively thinking. He integrates a lot of physical movements into the performance – It’s like nothing yo u have seen in China, which […]

Jack Ma says movies should be made with passionij

With Green Book won best picture at the 91st Academy Awards ceremo ny, its co-producer Alibaba Pictures Group, the movie unit of the world’s largest e-com merce company, claimed to be the first internet film company to co-produce an Oscars winning movie. Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, said a good movie does not necessarily have to […]

The country will also push for high-quality developmen

of the sector with a focus on improving financial services and forestalling financial risks. Opening-up of China’s financial factor has sped up, as the country re moved foreign ownership caps of banks and financial asset management firms last year. Richard Turnill, global chief investment strategist of BlackRock, an American global investment man agement corporation, is […]

The same tactic has also been used within the United State

  said Van Jackson, a former Defense Department official in the Obama administration.   ”Historically, there have been many — I know of half a dozen instances myself personally — where senior North Korean officials were brought around and shown what capi talist industrialism looks like. They were shown what the stock market floor looks like on […]

Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler introduced Sunday’s

  telecast, following Queen and Adam Lambert’s opening performance of “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Cham pions.” The “Saturday Night Live” alums riffed off the messy build-up to this year’s awards.   An abundance of drama surrounded the build-up to this year’s Osca rs, even before getting around to the nailbiting best-picture finish.   The […]

said it wanted to capture the on-court tantrum of Ms

  Williams using satire, caricature, exaggeration and humor, and the cartoon intended to depict her behavior as childish by showing her spitting a pacifier out while she jumps up and down.”   Widely criticized   The cartoon showed Williams with large, exaggerated lips and nose reminiscent of racist depictions of black people in the US during the Jim […]

Mine accident leaves 21 dead, 29 hurt in Inner Mongolia

  An accident at a coal mine in Inner Mongolia that claimed 21 lives and injured 29 was c aused by a brake glitch that forced a vehicle to go out of control and hit a ramp, according to local authorities.   The accident occurred at about 8:20 am on Saturday at a mining company in North […]

Guaido has been working with a raft of global partners to br

  Venezuelans desperately needed food and medical supplies. The White House urged the Venezuelan military to allow aid into the country in a statement Friday.   ”The United States strongly condemns the Venezuelan military’s use of force against unarmed civilians and innocent v olunteers on Venezuela’s border with Brazil,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said.   ”Egregious […]

A US State Department spokesperson has told CNN that

  US sanctions have exempted medical goods. “The United States maintains broad authorizations that allow for the sale of agricultu ral commodities, food, medicine, and medical devices by US persons or from the United States to Iran,” the spokesperson said.   Budget over emotions   A middle-aged man suffering from lung cancer writhes and squirms on his hospital […]

Bernd H. Knöller, Riff’s head chef and owner, released a stat

  expressing deep regret over the incident and saying that he is collaborating with authorities to determine what happened.   ”I have taken the decision to permanently close the restaurant until the cause of what happened ha s been established and we can reopen with the necessary guarantees for the safety of staff and customers.”   Riff holds […]